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2 The very next day we were woken by the phone alarm. My roommate and I got ready to go to breakfast, we were not disappointed by the breakfast at the Windsor Hotel- surprising for school trip, the food was good-. The city morning was calmer than Jakarta but just as busy —and full of motorcycles — as Jakarta. Today we travel to the Cu Chi tunnels. Vietnamese nationalists originally made the Cu Chi tunnels before to hide from the French. The tunnels were repurposed and served as a hiding place for South Vietnamese Communists. The most interesting about the Cu Chi tunnels was that under one of the tunnel systems, the American built a military base over the tunnel. Many spies were there to gather information and later the base was raided. Later that day we got to learn history in the most accurate way and most exciting way, we got to shoot the Vietnam War period guns. After the Cu Chi tunnels we got to see the affects of Agent Orange to children of Vietnam. Prior to our visit it had rained in this area, the tiled pathway was cracked and it had turned the rainwater black due to the tiles never being cleaned. On the pathway was a round empty fountain with a faded and stained statue of Jesus, I knew this visit was going to be somber. We entered the orphanage and introduced to the children. On the rst oor was where the children who were sentient and could walk played. The children of the rst oor were mostly “normal” but some had defects but that didn’t really affect their mental state. On the second oor is when you start to feel bad, many of the children on the second oor, all the children had soft bones and they could never walk. Out of 70 children in the orphanage, 20 could think and out of the 53 children who were soft boned, only 3 of the 53 children could think, the rest were just simply alive. During the war and after the war experience the war in the tunnels Manquin of a Vietnamese soilder Pathway at the Cu Chi Tunnels Muesuem 6 year old orphan at the orphangane

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