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2 “Magnificent, Just Magnificent”. The Kung Si waterfall. This waterfall also has fishes in it.” “The Night Market, a place full of superiors for you loved ones, and you can bargain too.” After I gave the alms to the monks I had delicious noodles and Xieng Thong Noodle Shop , the best. Yummy! I felt heat through my body while the outside air is just right for this kind of meal. By the time I mastered how to use chopsticks, my noodles were are completed, and it is time to head down to the French Bakery . I never tried espresso before, and had any knowledge on coffee (I’m a Tea person). The moment I tasted it, I immediately regretted it, “Urg, disgusting , so bitter ! How do people even drink this?!”. I laughed along my friends who were bursting their heads off. Magnificent, Just Magnificent! That waterfall in front of me, a contrast of white, the blue from the sky and green from all the nature around it. The water is as cold as ice that runs through your body once entered. The fished tugged onto the dead skin of your legs. Sending chills up your spine . I can’t stand cold temperatures, but I still love it. I’m speechless, and words can not describe the beauty of this waterfall. The Kung Si waterfall. As the night falls, a road filled with stalls, it called the Night Market . So many various things to buy and the best part is you can bargain your item to a lower price. I bought a pair of soft home footwear, a pretty bag, a book, lamp shade, a wallet and a baggy pants. Don’t even get me started on the food, oh I love those Nutella crepes. Mouth watering! I could live here forever. The time is passing by as fast as a hungry person finally getting to eat food. Luang Prabang gives me a connection back to India, where everyone around you is so lively . Right now at this moment, I don’t need anything, but just memories of this wonderful place filled with life. Food, Waterfall & Night Market LOAS LUANG PRABANG November 20, 2014

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