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Written by: Sally RakestrawNovember 21, 2014 smile was stretched across their face. I noticed that waste was scattered across the bay, covering the beach like a blanket. The elderlies that rested on their porch looked up to examine us, and went back doing their own business. " As we hiked up to the local school, energetic children greeted us, their laughter was music to me ears. The scorching hot sun was beating down on us as we paved cement tiles. Whenever it rained, the children could not play on the courtyard because of the messy mud, by having a cement courtyard, the can play whenever they want to play. The children were earnest to get the courtyard done, frail, little children carried several tiles at a time, I struggled carrying one. This service trip was the most memorable part of my whole trip, seeing the those children smile made my day and I wish I could see it everyday. The trip to the village also reminded me how lucky I am and that I should be grateful for the things I have. I truly hope I can visit this village again to see these inspiring children. " 
  2 Travel Article Activities From building a water raft to camping in the jungle, Batam has much to offer. Throughout the week, we were challenged by various activities, the most challenging activity for me was surviving a night in the jungle. Growing up, I lived in several big cities, I am not an outdoors person. I would rather see a cockroach in my kitchen than being greeted by it in the middle of the night while doing my business, may I remind you, there were no toilets in the jungle. Despite my camping experience, I treasure some of the group bonding activities that we did. My hammock in the jungle. Village children.

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