United Staff Newsletter October 2014

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To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we asked our tenants to tell us what they thought about living in a United Welsh home. A month’s free rent was the star prize. The winning entry has lived in one of our homes since 2008. She said: “Living in my United Welsh home just makes me and my family smile. I love the community and the peace of mind...’ We celebrated our 5000th tenant. The tenant had been on the waiting list for years. We used our Twitter account (@unitedwelsh) to celebrate some of our proudest achievements. We held a Staff garden party at Y Borth to close the month long celebrations You can nd a round-up of everything we talked about on Storify: www.storify.com/ UnitedWelsh/united-welsh-25th-anniversary Or if you want to see the videos we made, visit our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/ user/UnitedWelshTV 25th Anniversary Celebrations … making a difference It’s been less than a year since we introduced the Creative Exchange, your way to help us improve our business, and already we’ve had more than 120 ideas from you! Your suggestions have been steadily rolling in since we launched the Creative Exchange back in February – and many of them have made a difference to the way we work. Thanks to the Creative Exchange, for example, we will be starting Welsh language lessons in the near future, which will help us be more inclusive and reach more of our tenants. We have also added our social media addresses to the keyrings we give to tenants to encourage them to engage with us online. These ideas are simple but effective and are helping us become the best we can be. But we want more! So if you’ve got an idea about how to make us better, more streamlined, or more customer focussed – get in touch! You can submit your ideas either by lling in a postcard and popping it in a Creative Exchange postbox, or by visiting: http://www.unitedwelsh.com/ creative-exchange Staff garden party

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