The Indian High School

Published on December 1, 2014

   From the Editor’s Desk… Dear Readers, Welcome to the 1 st Edition of e-Xpressions, our student’s quarterly, creative e-zine. Over the years, e-Xpressions has witnessed changes galore. Change as we know it, is the only constant in this world. We continuously seek to adapt to the changing times to fit in the sphere of things. Stemming from this thought, the theme of this edition’s e- Xpressions is sought. The focus of our theme, “things around us” holds much intrinsic value, with the changing dynamism of our world around… the world as we see it, the world we knew, and the world we are planning to step into. In our everyday life, we often forget to notice the beauty of life as it is and the form in which it comes to us… We look around us to find the beauty of nature, the wealth of mankind, the dynamism of technology and the amalgamation of all these into the world we live in… Our students, through this e-zine, take you through a beautiful journey, in space and in time, projecting the beautiful “things around us”. Until next time… Enjoy reading… The Editorial Team 