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A BOLD Vision Te Hll Schl etered a ew era f leaderhp wth the 2012 apptmet f Zachary G. Lehma a ur 11 th headmater. I parterhp wth the Bard f rutee, ad wth the full upprt f the faculty, Headmater Lehma ha declared a bold , far-reachg v fr Te Hll: “Over the next 10 years, while staying very true to our core values, Te Hill will reimagine and redefne a liberal arts secondary school education. We will combine all o the powerul ideals encompassed by Te Family Boarding School with the best and most innovative practices o 21 st century teaching and learning. People will simultaneously describe Te Hill as the most traditional and the most innovative boarding school in the country.” “ Te ucce f Te Hll Schl truly deped  ‘the tregth f all.’ We eed the cmmtmet ad partcpat f ur exteded chl cmmuty – each e f u wh care abut the future f th remarkable place – t erch ad uta Te Hll fr future geerat. Pleae j me a we embark  th campag t elevate ‘Dear Old Hll’ t ew heght.” – Zachary G. Lehman, Headmaster

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