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genre 3

Courtney Caraballo

Published on December 3, 2014

Noise Pollution When construction are working, they have to your giant machinery to get the job done. This means that the heavy machinery is going to cause a great amount of noise. People in this area will be affected by the noise. The affects of the noise can cause discomfort such as ear ringing, ear pains, and hearing loss. The noise level limit is 80 to 85 decibels. If noise levels ex- ceeds these levels, ear protection is required while construc- tion is going on. Noise above these levels can lead to hearing loss. Noise levels that reach 115 decibels can lead to deaf- ness in the ear. The noise that is produced can cause disorders such as nervous system disorders, and incretion disorders. Eyesight can be loss to the high noise levels. It can also be uncomfort- able for women to be around these noises. Land Pollution After a project has been finished, construction workers don’t find the need to clean up after themselves. After while, bottles, cans, and other trash are left behind. People, mainly children, can accidently step or pick up these items and not realize that it can hurt them. Also, the unwanted sediments and particles and get into the soil in that area. If kids or adults were to be in that area with the con- taminated soil, it can lead to them getting sick. Effects of Noise Pollution Image Courtesy : - park - veld - 1.jpg