Winter 2014

Stevens Cooperative School

Published on December 2, 2014

Letter from Sergio Alati, Ed.D, Head of School Innovative minds have existed since the dawn of time. Some might imagine that being innovative is a trait we are born with. I subscribe to the theory that we all have this potential and that enough innovative minds collectively create an inspiring institution. What is the recipe for being an innovative institution? One must begin with an idea followed by a strategy and intended outcomes. Let’s take the example of restructuring our middle school music program. Our strategy is to strengthen the integrity of the program by adding ensemble and band, expanding the instruments we offer and creating a choral track. We must have the capability and talent in order to see our idea to fruition. Innovative institutions gain insights by collecting, sharing and exchanging information in order to take that simple idea and generate a richly expanded and evolv- ing concept. The innovation then enters a complex state of creative and thorough planning while measuring the risk and return along the way. When the planning and shaping is complete, the most exciting part falls upon us: we execute and validate the innovation! The classroom becomes a the idea to its mature state and before you know it, we have a harmony of beautiful sounds; just like the ones I hear when I listen to our ensemble preparing to play at assemblies, school events and next spring at our auction and spring concert! Whether it is our evolving and robust technology program, the reemer- gence of our Latin program, our commitment to STEM and maker space projects, or the expansion of our sports teams, innovation is supported by the assumption that we can never rest on our laurels. So what will the next great innovation at Stevens be? One thing is certain: our students are at the center of our inspiration and serve as the catalysts for our ongoing efforts to strive for excellence in all that we do. My Best, Sergio iPads iPad minis have been introduced into the PreK and Kindergarten program this year. Teachers are using the iPads in a variety of ways, including augmented reality apps to make the alphabet come to life with three-dimensional characters. The Innovative Mind