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Published on December 2, 2014

By Aditya Sahni A GUY WHO DECIDES TO DO A PRANK ON HIS FRIEND In Hotel Drisco Anthony, Anthony is a guy who is a business- man.   He is in a summer vacation.   Clutches his nose, ob- serves the beach and people enjoying themselves, checks the time on his Rolex, sits on the couch, sinks into his bed for a while and then looks in the beach again.   While lying down on the bed he thinks about a house near his home, which is vacant, and he did not tell his friends about that house and plans to do a prank on shady.   Shady is Anthony’s friend he is a bit soft hearted.   So he calls Shady. “Hey Shady” Shady replies “hey” Anthony says “Shady guess what happened today!” “What” replies Shady with anger and laziness because he did not find that interesting and he broke his sleep.   Anthony says again “I bought a new house so please can you please come and see my house at 12:00 AM please” 2 A guy who decides to do a prank on his friend