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The door in the forest. by: Hayden Morris THE DOOR IN THE FOREST . “Hey! Hey John!” said Steve. “What!” replied John with an annoyed voice. John turned around to see Steve pointing at the clock and whispering, “only 10 more minutes.” John rolled his brown eyes let out a quick breath turned back around and continued to work. After class was over Steve ran up to John, gave him a nudge, and said, “I can’t wait to get home, it’s been such a long day.” “I know what you mean,” replied John. The boys were walking home on the paved road as they did every day when they had a idea to go through the forest that they use to walk past all the time. Steve said, “Hey, John, I got a good idea, let’s take the shortcut through the forest.” John said, “Don't be an idiot, there is no short cut through there, Steve.” Steve insisted, “We must, come on, do you really want to walk all the way home on this hot road? It will be fun, stop being such a wimp.” 2

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