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Won Ryong


Published on December 2, 2014

Door of the Wardrobe By Won Ryong Door of the Wardrobe “What? Why do we need to move to grandma’s house in Bos- ton?” Max was shocked and looked at his parents. He shook his curly blond hair like Medusa right and left as tears stood in his eyes. He knew how far Boston is from New York.                                       “Mom, are you just going to leave us in grandma’s house? Mama…” Grace fought back her tears with tiny little pupils, which slithered down like a leafleting raindrops after the rain.        “I promise I will protect Grace whatever happens, be care- ful mom and dad!” Max roared facing his parents like a Com- mandant from the military. As soon as Grandma’s driver ap- peared in front of the door, he took them by a limousine to Grandma’s house.        “We’re here guys, wake up!” the driver said in a voice of hoarse with hippo mouth wake the children. They woke up right away on the comfortable sofa in the car and something captured their black rounded eyes in the middle of the moun- tain. An old fancy house stood with a garden and a huge wooden door stuck on the facade. Flat and wrinkled face with clothing on old magnificent flower, their Grandmother, greeted them with a crooked smile and a concerned face with fallen eyebrow. They entered the house crossing the huge door like a castle in Medieval Europe. Max and Grace’s eyes flipped over at every material that were sat on the fashionable house, which contained a bare marble floor and wide glass doors lead- ing through to a veranda. 2