21s Century Schools Brochure

November 24, 2014  |  By  | 

today’s learning Today’s 21st century students have diferent attitudes and expectations than students o the past. Technology is the center o their lives. Students today carry multiple mobile devices. Their social lie is about both virtual and personal collaboration and they are more aware o, and connected to, the global environment and marketplace. The learning environment they thrive in is one o multiple learning styles and arrangements. The traditional teacher- centered classroom, in which all students sat in rows, was created over a century ago. In order to accommodate the unique needs o 21st century learners, today’s educational environments need to be adaptable, technology rich and highly interactive. This brochure is organized to explore the three major components that comprise a 21st Century School. These include: • The evolution o the traditional library/media center into the Global Information Center • The transormation o the traditional classroom setting into Flexible Academic Neighborhoods • The establishment o the cultural heart o a school which is the Dynamic Activity Commons