2 - Memories from poland

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2 My memories of Comenius Exchange Monday I had been very excited since early morning. I was happy to meet a per- son from a different country. My family and me were expecting the arrival of the guest from Turkey. We were wondering how she would look like and what her name would be. Finally, the evening came and Gil- bachasz arrived. When we reached our house I showed her a room in which she was to stay for six days. I helped her to unpack her luggage and then we were talk- ing for two hours. The language translator helped us because our English wasn’t good enough. Here are the facts I found out about Gilbachasz: she is 13 years old, she lives in the capital of Turkey in Ankara. Gilbachasz has a younger sister Tuczi (she’s at my age). She lives in the block of flats situated on the hill. From her win- dows there is a beautiful view on moun- tains covered with snow. In future she wants to be a doctor, that’s why she learns a lot. She showed me pictures of her school in the Internet and she told me about Ataturk, the patron of her school. Ataturk is a national hero from XIX/XX century. We went to beds at two o’clock at night. Tuesday Next day we had to get up early. We had breakfast (usually cereals with milk, Gil- bachasz liked them a lot) and we went to school. First day in my school started with the welcoming performance for teachers and students from Spain and Turkey. We got some presents from students – sweets, badges and flags. Then we were walking around my school. In the late afternoon, together with my parents and younger sib- lings, we went to the Theatre of Puppets. We showed our guest the theatre from in- side. We visited a stage, dressing rooms, artistic studies and other rooms. We met actors working in the theatre. Then we went to meet other hosting families with girls from Turkey. They admired our town at night. Turkish girls took photos with monuments in the background. Finally we went to pizza restaurant. Girls from Turkey reminded us that they were not allowed to eat pork, they are Muslims. We came back home tired and after taking shower we went to bed.

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