Nature Baby Summer Catalogue 2014

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Category: Children

Because we see babies as precious and sensitive to their surroundings, everything that we offer is carefully designed or selected for quality, purity and design, and are produced in such a way that cares for everyone. From our early beginning we found that like us - other parents wanted their children to grow up in a beautiful, natural world so we set out to bring them altogether so you can be assured you are getting the best for your baby. This season Nature Baby has taken a trip to the nostalgic seaside wonderland, cocooning these whimsical adventures in organic goodness and timeless design. Collaborating with local artists, we have brought their beautifully crafted drawings into our prints. We have also been developing new knitted and woven fabrics to add to the Nature Baby range, tailored towards the delicate qualities of softness, breathability and ultra comfort Nature Baby is famous for. Take a journey with us and see the process of how a Nature Baby bodysuit gets made, and the care and attention that goes into the creation of Nature Baby garments. So enjoy the carnival that is life, welcome in the changes that new ones bring, and enjoy all the little performances that wander in each day to surprise and delight. love from nature baby

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