PaSTOR Michael Dennis

PaSTOR Michael Dennis

PaSTOR D "TBLAM" The Baby Lover & Motivator

God has blessed and gifted me through many years of intense studying and through tedious trial & error to acquire mastery over many things. It has always been a highlight of my life.

As the years have multiplied, God continues to bless me to learn more and more through studying to give away all that I do through the art of teaching. Along with the lifestyle of teaching, years of experience as a Pastor has matured all my skills for even more expanded use.

What is Pastor D Like?

Pastor D is extremely purpose and time conscious! Due to so much of my time being dedicated to students and creating training materials, I'm extremely picky about my time being wasted by inconsistent student attendance. You must be faithful, dedicated, and persistent with maintaining your training schedule!

Even as a child I was compelled to teach and share what God bless me to do. This born passion is why I give all my heart to teaching and expect excellence from every student according to how each is blessed and gifted by God. My demanding ways is out of love for students. Seeing them grow and succeed brings me more pleasure than what I could have received throughout life as a multi-gifted person.

Those persons who are closest to me have some sense of why my overwhelming talent and skills come with a great deal of burden. I've only been able to handle it by the grace of God and the life-long foc

(My Life)
Private Gospel musical Educator (Guitar, bass, piano, sequencing, voice enhancement, song writing, computer & web site training, etc.

Available for music ministry counseling, Basic computer lessons instructor

Biblical hermeneutics teacher, Available for resume enhancement

Commercial graphic designer, Resume enhancement
Build websites - (EPT) Excellence Private Training

Preaching & Teaching Emphasis: Bible clarification, Christian growth,


(Homepage) Excellence Private Training

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