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COVER SHOT – ABERDARE VALLEY FOOTBALL LEAGUE UNITE AGAINST PROPOSED RCT CHARGES Following previous meetings, dialogue, consultations and successful exposure to the proposed charges, the focus group met again last night as you will be aware and are still eager to ensure that despite only 11 football clubs through RCT turning out for the “Last mi nute” consultation all Club, that the Council are made to know t hat their proposal is affecting many citizens in the County Borough of all age groups. Clubs cannot turn a blind eye, as whilst the proposed costs may be affordable to some, these costs will increase year upon year and for those that cannot afford them, clubs that will fall away and leave the leagues desperately short on teams, and the junior section in Aberdare and Rhondda in particular are already low in numbers. As a key action the attached is a full letter that had been endorsed by the focus group and covers a huge range of eth issues with the proposal, however it is urged on all Clubs to print off the 1 page letter and get as many of these 1 page letters completed by players of all ages, parents, coaches, volunteers and spectators. The Council need to feel that enough people are impacted and this will have the desired effect. ACTION 1 - ALL CLUBS PRINT at least 100 copies of the 1 page letter (attached Let1) and get at least 100 signed and addressed and collated. These MUST be received by RCT by 16 th December either hand delivered or posted: To have your say please send your views to: sportspitchconsultation@rctcbc.gov.uk | you can write to us at: Freepost RSBU-HJUK-LSSS Research and Consultation The Pavilions Clydach Vale CF40 2XX Action 2 – ALL Clubs should send a signed copy of the full letter to their Local Councillors ideally via or by hand, email and contact address attached. Within the email, advise as to how many 1 page letters your club has acquired to show the weight behind the club, and copy in the leader Andrew Morgan and also : Leighton Andrews AM mailto:Leighton.Andrews@assembly.wales Mick Antoniw AM mailto:Mick.Antoniw@assembly.wales Christine Chapman AM mailto:Christine.Chapman@assembly.wales Leanne Wood AM mailto:Leanne.Wood@assembly.wales Mark Drakeford AM mailto:Mark.Drakeford@assembly.wales Again to reiterate this is in the interest of football throughout the valley and not just a hand full of Clubs, as a Club Secretary you have a duty to ensure that your players and Club are aware of these proposals and again urge all Club Secretaries to follow these 2 actions within your Clubs, irrespective of how big or how small a Club you are. Together is stronger and we need as many letters returned to RCTCBC as possible. There will be other actions that we look to undertake, and will keep all informed, howev er appreciate that it’s a busy month and time is a premium, but if any additional help and support can be offered then it would be very much appreciated as the future of football in these valleys is very much at stake. The focus group has made every effort to get exposure of this fight but without these actions being taken by the majority of Clubs, then simply put but the Council will prove that there is no opposition to the proposals. SEE WEBSITE TO DOWNLOAD FORM

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