November Bulletin 2014

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2 Cheshvan/Kislev ● November 2014 HIGH HOLY DAYS 5775 REFLECTION PRESIDENT'S TALK: THE YEAR OF COMMUNITY HIGH HOLY DAYS 5775 This past summer, I read a wonderful book Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown. The book is about nine Americans and their epic quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. This novice racing crew team pulled off one of the greatest rowing achievements of all time. Yet, the “boat” was not only the racing shell in which they rowed as a team to Olympic glory- the “boat” was also the actual experience of pulling together as one and giving everything they had for one another. A shared bond. A shared goal. A shared vision. While reading this book, I thought about Temple Beth Elohim through the same lens. The same inspirations and values that motivated the rowing team are also embedded at TBE. We are committed to realizing the idea of our synagogue as a sacred home driven by Jewish values and open to all who seek it. We strive to be forward thinking, be mindful and act to meet the needs of our diverse congregation. We try to stay focused on strengthening community by building relationships with one another, small group to small group, and large circle to large circle. And it is working…we are making an impact. Many of our congregants have a strong sense of connection both at the synagogue and beyond our building here in Wellesley. Listen to this email our clergy team received this past Spring from one of our teens: “Hey guys! Unfortunately yesterday I got into a serious car accident on Rt 9 during rush hour. Everyone was safe but the cars are both severely damaged and I was really shaken. As I was standing on the side of the road crying and not knowing what to do a man pulled over to help. He said "You're a TBE kid, right? I see you in the building all the time. What can I do to help?" I had never met this man before and I wish I caught his name but I was too flustered to remember it. He was so unbelievably kind and calmed me down when I really needed it. I'm graduating tomorrow and I'm getting really sentimental about everything so I thought the timing worked out because now I have a great story to thank you all for about this incredible kehilah kedoshah-this sacred community. Thank you guys for everything.” This sense of connection that transcends the walls of our synagogue is a perfect example of what we strive to achieve each and every day here, at TBE. Connecting to one another and strengthening our sacred community is our primary value as we look forward to the next 12 months and beyond for our congregation. We are calling our year ahead, “The Year of Community." You might think— isn't every year a year of community — and, in fact, that is our goal. However, this year we are launching initiatives (Continued on page 11) Learn more at

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