RTMS Review Oct 2014

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October 2014RTMS Quarterly Review ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by Amy Loken On September 9, 2014, RTMS accepted Lincoln Middle School’s challenge to do the ALS ice bucket challenge. Everyone that was cool enough to participate gathered at 3 o’clock in the cafeteria. Mr. Rogers and other teachers collected donations to go to the ALS foundation. After that we headed out to the field! We saw the icy cold buckets of water. Everybody finally realized what we had gotten into, at least it was for a good cause! 8th graders went first, then sixth graders, and finally seventh grades. That’s me… We stepped up and kneeled down. Everybody shouted 3.. 2..1!!! The water was freezing! Lastly, the teachers took the challenge. But then, we passed the challenge on to Indian Grove and Euclid. Will they do it? We will have to wait and see. A student donates to ALS Foundation Receiving instructions in cafeteria from Mr. Rogers 6th graders take the challenge. 8th graders get ready for the icy water. 7th graders are doused with frigid water for the cause. 2

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