rebecca meredith

rebecca meredith

What happens when the reading process is a creative act as well? This book is for creatives of all types, and looks in particular at friendship as a creative process in which both participants are transformed by a commitment of truth, receptivity, love, and time.

It consists of four chapters:

Living Storyworld
What kind of creature is that person?
1. Perception
How do you perceive yourself and others. How are you changed by another person, and how do you affect them in a process of transformation?

(As a side project, many of the characters from this chapter have been carved and painted on wood and may also be sculpted in wire. It would be possible to have a travelling exhibition of these items to go with the book, or a series of sculptures printed 3D as secondary totems for the book)

The Dream Language of Creativity
2. Processing of story through a dream-like language.

Narrative Thread
3. Variations on a Theme
We pull the thread of a narrative through the succession of single experiences in our lives. We develop themes and variations on those themes as part of the narrative we write of the pivotal moments in our life. This story is depicted in measures as seen in music, and the idea is illustrated with a musical textile or visual score.

(Music is actually being written of this chapter by my partner Eric Raymond, that could serve to accompany the imagery as part of an animated promotional film for the book.)

Friendship in Action: Conversation

4. Moving away from abstraction and philosophical narration towards conversation, the enactment of friendship. It is by time spent, invested, in our friendships, and the passing back and forth of commitment to each other inspiration, sharing of our true opinions and feelings, that we change one another and become real FRIENDS.

The accompanying visual cutouts form a sort of visual poetry with the dialogue. The cutouts act as opposing forces that simultaneously fit together like a puzzle.