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Ashfield U3A 2 ARTICLES FOR NEWSLETTERS There will be no newsletter as such in December. Instead there will be a one page 'Christmas' carol sheet issued at the Christmas Lunch on 18 December with maybe just a few seasonal/urgent additions. Please let me have information for the JANUARY newsletter no later than JANUARY 15th (Thursday before the January meeting) You are welcome to contact me by email, telephone or text.. Anyone who wants information keeping from this year's newsletter please let me know . A big thank you to everyone who has helped me this year - I have learned a lot - but am still learning!! Contact Details for Editor Tel: 01773 776739 Mobile 07870 360168 Email: Thank you. S andra Vanner WANTED - YOUR HELP Could you be our Group Liaison Co-ordinator? We need ideally 2 people who can work together, one for supporting the development of new groups and one to support existing group leaders. The role is essential, it is not complicated but requires enthusiasm. You can shadow Lynne, the current co-ordinator for 3 months prior to taking over in April. This is vital to the existence of our U3A so please think about it, you can talk to Lynne or Trish anytime, thank you.

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