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Love, Hugs, Hope: When Scary Things Happen focuses on how children can cope with significant and traumatic events in their lives. The book explains that sometimes bad things happen and good people are hurt. Children feel fear, sadness, and anger. They become confused and struggle with their feelings. The book teaches that there are ways of dealing with these emotions and helps children reaffirm fundamental truths about the world. In the wake of the tragic killings in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012, family therapist Christy Monson penned her thoughts on how the surviving children could manage emotionally through such a horrific event. Lori Nawyn, an artist and abuse survivor, illustrated the work to help children visually connect with their emotions and help them know what to do with these powerful feelings. Their collaboration, Love, Hugs, Hope: When Scary Things Happen is one of love and light and is meant to help children everywhere begin the process of healing.

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