Democritus and the Atom

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Democritus was born in Abdera, Greece in 460BC. He lived to be 90 years old, dying in the year 370BC. He studied in Thrace, Athens, and Abdera, Greece. He enjoyed studying geometry as well. Democritus traveled to many places some of which including India, Egypt, and Babylon. Democritus was never married. Democritus' teacher was Leucippus. He originally came up with the atomic theory. Democritus finished the work of his teacher and was given credit for the discovery of the atom. He believed that all matter was made up of small particles that could not be made any smaller. Democritus called these particles atoms, which meant "uncuttable." Democritus believed that atoms could not be destroyed, are always moving and are invisible. Democritus discovered the atom in 465BC. Many scientists after Democritus continued to study matter and atoms. Today we know that atoms make up all things on Earth. Atoms are made up of three parts Protons and Neutrons in the middle called the Nucleus, and tiny particles called Electrons which orbit the Nucleus. Protons and Neutrons give the atom weight. Protons have a positive charge and Neutrons have no charge, they are "neutral". Electrons are very small and have a negative charge.