Agenda of the Alliance between PDP and BJP

April 16, 2015  |  By  | 

In the recently concluded J&K State assembly elections, 2014, the people of the State have voted overwhelmingly and in favour of the democratic system. This shows a growing recognition and acceptance among people that participating in the free and fair electoral process is the only option The results of these elections have been judged as fractured and indecisive by everyone. The reality is that it is not the mandate of political parties that is fractured; it is the polity of J&K that is fractured Instead of being judgmental about these electoral results, the PDP and the BJP have made efforts to understand the verdict in all its complexity The reality on the ground, even if complex and complicated, needs to be faced politically not numerically. That is the real challenge. The PDP and the BJP have decided to bring together their political and legislative resources to convert this complex challenge into an opportunity

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