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A little relative contention is healthy except once the fate of the planet hangs within the balance!Find this in The Other Side Tower of Souls apk. Are you able to resolve a family squabble before the gates to the realm of the dead swing open and horrors on the far side imagination pour into this world? Beatrice and liliaceous plant would possibly seem like the other combine of sisters, however they need a dark secret: Hidden from human eyes may be a magic tower that contains a portal to the opposite facet. One sister desires to open the entree to realize data and power, despite the consequences; the opposite sister desires to prevent her. however that one is sweet and that one is evil? Step into the shoes of a detective UN agency should decide! Which sister wins within the end? Play the opposite Side: Tower of Souls to seek out out! - A fascinating story of magic and suspense - gorgeous design, story scenes, and music - straightforward and fun puzzles and mini-games - Clever and original hidden object hunts - A learn-as-you-play tutorial