ECET 365 Week 5 Quiz

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For more course tutorials visit 1. Question : (TCO #5) In an asynchronous data transfer _____. Student Answer: the transmitter and receiver clock must be exactly the same all the time the receiver clock must be exactly the same or multiple times the transmitter clock it is not necessary to have a clock in the receiver None of the above Comments: 2. Question : (TCO #5) Synchronization between data transmitter and receiver _____ data transfer. Student Answer: is necessary in asynchronous is necessary in synchronous is necessary in both asynchronous and synchronous data transfer is not necessary in both an asynchronous and synchronous Comments: 3. Question : (TCO #5) Which register is utilized in setting the baud rate in a SCI interface? Student Answer: SCIBDH SCI0CR2 SCI0BDL Both A and C Comments: 4. Question : (TCO #5) To sample data at the falling edge of the clock when using SPI, _____. Student Answer: CPA in SPICR1 must be 0 MSTR in SPICR1 must be 0 CPA in SPICR1 must be 1 MSTR in SPICR1 must be 1 Comments: 5. Question : (TCO #5) A SPI master IC connects to slave IC with _____. Student Answer: five wires one wire four wires wireless Comments: 6. Question : (TCO #5) Communication between two modems through telephone lines is _____. Student Answer: serial parallel digitalall the time Both A and C Comments: 7. Question : (TCO #5) SPI implements a/an _____ protocol. Student Answer: asynchronous synchronous parallel TCP Comments: 8. Question : (TCO #5) In full-duplex data transfer, _____. Student Answer: data transfer from the transmitter only data bits transfer simultaneously in both directions data bits transfer in both directions but not simultaneously data bits transfer in a parallel bus Comments: 9. Question : (TCO #5) High voltage level in a TTL chip is _____. Student Answer: 12 volts 5 volts -5 volts -12 volts Comments: 10. Question : (TCO #5) USB utilizes _____. Student Answer: a serial data transfer a parallel data transfer a mixed parallel/serial data transfer a daisy chain to connect maximum of 10 devices

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