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Earthshine for Grade 2 wind band

Jodie Blackshaw

Published on December 1, 2014

INSTRUMENTATION: TEAM YELLOW Fl. A; Fl. B TEAM RED Cl. A; Cl. B Ten. Sax. TEAM ORANGE A. Sax. A; A. Sax. B TEAM PURPLE Tpt. A Tpt. B Hn. TEAM BLUE Bar. /Euph. Tbn. B. Reed. B.C. Bs. Timp. Mlt. Perc. 1 Vib. Mlt. Perc. 2 Xyl. Aux. Perc. 1 Cup Aux. Perc. 2 Gong/C. Cym./ V.Slap/Rain stick Aux. Perc. 3 Conga Earthshine © Wallabac Music 2014. All rights reserved. International copyright secured.