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SCULPTURESQUE by Jodie Blackshaw for middle school band

Jodie Blackshaw

Published on November 30, 2014

“Every block of stone has a sculpture inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” Michelangelo Young people look at the world through ‘beauty’ glasses. Through these lenses, each day is filled with wonder, intrigue and solitary moments of pure joy that many of us no longer see. We have much to gain from knowing and believing in our young people; not only re-living the world through their magical lenses but also, through their imaginative perspective. ‘Sculpturesque’ is an old fashioned word that means ‘to have suggestive qualities of sculpture’. Whilst this piece started as a work inspired by the sculptures contained in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, as its creation ensued, it became more about providing students with the opportunity to ‘sculpt’ music. All children are sculptors of one kind or another and should be given every opportunity to discover the sculpture inside each block of stone that is presented to them (metaphorically speaking). So think if you will, of this piece as a musical block of stone that has provided opportunities for students to discover music through a creative process. You will not hear or experience all that they have during the process of learning this piece, but know that they have been involved in the making of this final performance on a very personal level. If you like, they have become the ‘sculptor’ and used the material provided by the composer to re-create something in their very own way. The performance you hear in this concert will be unlike any other performance of this work as it is sincerely unique to this group of students. Enjoy. SCULPTURESQUE INSTRUMENTATION TEAM YELLOW: Fl./Ob. Ten. Sax. Hn. Bssn./Tbn. TEAM RED: Cl. Tpt. TEAM BLUE Cl. Alto Sax. OST. 1 B b B. Clt. Tba. Timp. OST. 2 Soprano Tri./F.C. OST. 3 Alto Tenor Bass OST. 4 Congas Tamb.