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KIMBO ® EDUCATIONAL (KIMBO, AREGISTEREDTRADEMARKOF U NITED S OUND A RTS , I NC .) 10 N ORTH T HIRD A VENUE P.O. B OX 477 L ONG B RANCH , N EW J ERSEY 07740 CONTACT INFO FOR ORDERING OR SERVICE • kimboed.com • P 800.631.2187 or 732.229.4949 Fax 732-870-3340 Mon - Fri 9:00 AM to 4:30pm EST. Or visit your favorite school supplier. COMPLETE DANCE CATALOG R EQUESTYOUR FREE COPY . Call us toll free or visit us on-line. Ballet, Children’s Novelties, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk and more! kimboed.com/dance BONUS COUPON Earn a FREE KIMBOCD! See Page 31 for details. FREE FREIGHT OFFER ONLINE ORDERSONLY! kimboed.com See Page 31 for details. ONLINE ORDERS now accepting PayPal . T HE C HILDREN ’ S M USIC C OMPANY • 61 Y EARSOF Q UALITY M USICFOR C HILDREN ! SAVE $ ON SETS! NEW TITLES & BEST SELLERS ! DOWNLOAD CDS TODDLER GYM M OVEMENT S ONGSFOR 1-3 Y EAR O LDS Toddlers are natural movers and shakers! Introduce them to structured exercises created just for them, and set in motion the beginning of a life- time of fitness. “Start Your Day” invites children to move and be active, then kick into high gear with action songs like the “Can Can Dance” and quiet down with “Circle the Moon”. Toddler Gym offers the best opportunities to dance, play, and move to a variety of fun music and guided activities. Little ones will learn to listen and follow directions and will enjoy learning new skills and achieving fun, easy motor challenges. Includes Spinning Tops, Move The Circle, Hop Like a Bunny too. KIM 9319CD (CD & Guide ) . . . . . . . . . . . $15.95 ® WARNING C OPYRIGHTSWILLBEENFORCED . I TISSTRICTLYPROHIBITEDTOREPRODUCETHECDS , DVDS , ANDTEACHINGGUIDESUNLESSWRITTENPERMISSIONISRECEIVEDINADVANCEFROM K IMBO E DUCATIONAL . ® “R EG . U.S. P AT & TM O FF ” GUARANTEE O URPRODUCTSAREFULLYGUARANTEEDFORQUALITY . I FYOUARENOTSATISFIEDFORANYREASON , SIMPLYRETURNMERCHANDISEWITHIN 10 DAYSOFRECEIPT , ANDWEWILLGLADLYREPLACEITORREFUNDYOURMONEY . M OST KIMBO R ECORDINGSAREACCOMPANIEDBYAN I NSTRUCTION /A CTIVITY G UIDEOR L YRICS . A BOUT T HE C ATALOG : E DITOR I N C HIEF : A MY L AUFER C OVER D ESIGN : M ARJORIE J ONASSON BECOME A FAN ON facebook! Follow us on Twitter Keep Up-to-Date with current offers and Kimbo News! Join on our Website. VISIT KIMBO’S WEBSITE kimboed.com Download Your Favorite Kimbo CDs! LOOK FOR THIS SYMBOL FOR AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS S S PRESCHOOL GYM M AKING F ITNESS F UNFOR 3-5 Y EAR O LDS Make exercise for kids playful and fun Age-appropriate movements on Preschool Gym include stretches, dances, gross and fine motor activities, creative movement, and marches. The variety of action songs will help develop healthy bones, muscles, and joints and increase body strength. Motivate young kids with the beat of the music and these creative exercise routines, and cut down on too many long hours in front of the TV and com- puter screens. Hip Hip Hooray, Elephant Walk, Open, Shut Them & more. KIM 9320CD (CD & lyrics) . . . . . . . . . . . . $15.95 SCHOOL GYM M AKING F ITNESS M ATTERFOR 5-9 Y EAR O LDS The benefits of exercise are huge! School Gym will get their hearts pump- ing, lungs working, increase memory, and concentration, strengthen mus- cles, joints, and healthy bones, promote self-confidence and self-esteem, and lower stress levels. Cool dances and aerobic routines are motivating workout breaks for school-age kids, offering balance from studies and time in front of the TV and computer. The U.S Department of Health recom- mends 60 minutes a day of physical activity. Make time for School Gym and make exercise a daily priority for a healthier life. KIM 9321CD (CD & Guide) . . . . . . . . . . . $15.95 DANCE SET - Fun & Fitness CDs • All-Time Favorite Dances • Everybody Dance • Dance Party Fun. KIM 7098CD - $42.95 SINGABLE SONGS CDs • Six Little Ducks • Five Little Monkeys • Four Baby Bumblebees KIM 7099CD - $42.95 LITERACY CDs - Promote Reading • Rockin’ Reading Readiness • Leaping Literacy • Laugh ‘N Learn Literacy KIM 70979CD - $42.95 3 full-length CDs in Each Set! CDs regularly $15.95 ea. We Pick the ‘Best of The Best’ For You! 3 CD SETS BABY GYM (6 Weeks -1 Year) Babies need exercise too! Take some time out from strollers, playpens and baby swings. Babies need to move and develop naturally, building on their growing strengths and developmental skills. The recommended 60 min- utes a day of exercise begins early and lasts a lifetime. 12 playful movement songs delight babies 6 weeks to 1 year and increase their self-confidence, alertness, independence, cognitive functioning, coordination, agility, strength and flexibility. Parents and caregivers will share joyful times mov- ing musically with their little ones to songs such as Mirror Play, Going Up & Down, Baby Hop & Together Exercises. Formerly Diaper Gym, KIM 9196CD. KIM 9324CD (CD & Guide - NEW! ) . . . . . $15.95 MOVE & LEARN (Preschool-1st Grade) Every song is a unique springboard to learning! Jump into action and make learning more fun, more memorable, and more accessible for kids when you combine skills and concepts with motivating movement songs. Colors, numbers, letters, days of the week, months of the year, directional- ity, and other essential themes are directly connected with guided, appro- priate exercise songs, such as: Reader’s Hokey Pokey, the Color Tap, Make A Circle and The Numeral Dance. Move and Learn offers opportunities for valuable, purposeful, and educational fitness and fun! KIM 9325CD (CD & Guide - NEW! ) . . . . . $15.95 N E W N E W B E s t B E s t B E s t n h h h h n n n h h KIMBO’S HIT GYM SERIES! Download Available..$15.00 (Visit Our WEBSITE) S Download Available..$15.00 (Visit Our WEBSITE) S Download Available..$15.00 (Visit Our WEBSITE) S Download Available..$15.00 (Visit Our WEBSITE) S Download Available..$15.00 (Visit Our WEBSITE) S

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