ECO 205 Week 3 CheckPoint Industry Research Part II (appendix B)

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For more course tutorials visit 1.CheckPoint: Industry Research Part II Due Date: Day 6 (Individual forum) • Locate and summarize two sources to help you answer the following questions about the industry you chose. o Define externalities and research any negative or positive externalities the industry produces. Does the transaction of a buyer and seller directly affect a third party? Is the effect a negative or positive externality? How does the externality affect the economy? o Research whether the industry produces public goods or private goods, or is a natural monopoly. Are the goods or resources rival, excludable, or neither? Explain. • Organize your research for this week using the annotated bibliography template in Appendix B. • Include APA-formatted references and a summary of the major points in the articles or Web sites. • Post Appendix B as an attachment.

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