SEB 20 Year Annual Report

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When eri evitt and I started the agency in 199 we did so with the vision o making sel-esteem programs available to everyone in the greater Boston area regardless o ability to pay and that everyone has the right to happiness and to actualie their dreams. ur programs blossomed into a new and dynamic service delivery program to make this inormation accessible to people in shelters transitional residential recovery programs housing developments and many community agency programs serving over 65 direct service clients and service providers. Through the years we have educated people with the tools to discover their condence and sel-worth and their value as human beings. eri and I would like to thank everyone who supported us believed in us laughed with us cried with us and assisted us to bring important sel-esteem programs and resources to so many people in our community and across Massachusetts. Most o all we thank the women that served on our sta and board o directors over the rst twenty years. ur accomplishments range rom serving over 65 direct service clients and service providers o all ages cultures and abilities. We have developed new sel-esteem programs and products designed to build sel-esteem and essential lie skills. ur group leader training programs have resulted in thousands o women and amilies across the State receiving important sel-esteem resources to move their lives orward. Many people have oined with us to orward this vision and we grateully acknowledge their help. veryone can celebrate today that we brought a new service into the system that has helped thousands o people eel empowered to change their lives. In this report you will see only a small part o the work we did and how the community took part in supporting the mission. What you won’t see is our core work going on in the background the ongoing direct service programs or thousands o people in our community that still goes on today. It’s a celebration. Twenty years is twenty years nd we look orward to twenty more Thank you or your support. Marion B. Davis resident Letter From The President 20 Ya 2013 Impact • Improving parenting skills (88.8%) • Becoming an eective ad- vocate or mysel (97.5%) • Making good decisions (98.5%) • Developing and maintain- ing positive relationships (97.5%) • Communicating more eectively (98%) • Developing personal and career goals (94.1%) • Feeling worthwhile as a person (96.1%) • Working cooperatively with others (98%) • Resolving conficts (97%) • Setting priorities (96.6%) • Handling lie’s challenges (97.1%) • Success in avoiding nega- tive behaviors (98.5%) • Managing anger and stress (98.5%) • Dealing with people in positions o authority (94.6%) • Taking care o one’s health (96.1%) www.sel