HUM 102 Learning Team Final Project Paper only

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For more course tutorials visit Learning Team Final Project (due Week Five) Choose a movie or work of literature that discusses the topic of education and the arts. Then, analyze the movie or work of literature’s relevance to this course. Does the movie/book realistically reflect the impact of art education on adolescents? Does it realistically reflect the struggle the humanities subjects face in light of educational budget cuts? If a school curriculum prefers to maintain sports programs over programs related to the arts, who will ultimately be responsible for children’s exposure to the humanities? Who will pay for arts education? Create a 16 – 20 slide PowerPoint® presentation with presenters notes that summarizes the content of the movie or book and answers each of the previously listed questions. Then create at least two additional relevant questions related to the course and the movie or book and provide answers to those as well. Utilize at least two references out

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