Industry Certification FBLA Activities 11.2014

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Student Name _________________________________ Date _________________________ FBLA Future Practice Test DIRECTIONS: Answer the following questions about FBLA by using the FBLA national or state site. or . Circle the answers. Study this test after in preparation for your Future Level Award! 1. FBLA-PBL involves nearly __________ members in 13,000 chartered chapters in the United States, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and the Department of Defense Schools worldwide. A. 200,000 B. 250,000 C. 210,000 D. 180,000 2. The first FBLA State Chapter was A. Florida B. Wisconsin C. Iowa D. Ohio 3. The FBLA_PBL National Center is located where? A. Reston, VA B. Washington, DC C. Baltimore, MD D. Arlington, VA 4. When will the term of office begin for a National Officer? A. At the close of the National Leadership Conference in which they were elected. B. At the beginning of the new school year. C. At the beginning of the National Fall Leadership Conferences. D. Immediately upon election. 5. The official colors of FBLA-PBL are A. navy blue and yellow B. red, white, and blue C. blue and gold D. red and black 6. In debate, each member has the right to speak __________ on a motion. A. twice B. once C. three times D. four times 7. The Parliamentary Procedure Event is named after A. Hollis and Kitty Guy B. Dorothy L. Travis C. Lorraine Missling D. Hamden Forkner

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