Defyeneurs Dream Again

Gerry Visca

Published on March 19, 2015

Here's to the everyday people that inspire us to Dream Again. they are what we call the Dreamers of today - the ones that refuse to quit. Here's to everyday people that continue to dream until they make it a reality. These dreamers of today push beyond our current reality and move all of us forward so we can experience their belief in themselves tomorrow. Here's to the extraordinary ones that strive to connect us all. They are misunderstood by their loved ones yet push through the pain to realize their dreams. Here's to the Defyeneurs that made their dreams come true and we can't wait to shine a light on their greatness. Here's to the dreamers that found a way to harness their burning desire to inspire us all to do the same. We see you. The world no longer laughs at your dreams or sees you as impractical - we now see genius in you. Here's to you never accepting defeat but rather transmitting your discomfort into creating your greatest life. You lead the way with a burning desire of hope, faith and courage. You inspire us all to dream again and to believe in something bigger than ourselves. Here's to you for dreaming again.