THINQ - Live the Question

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HAVE YOU EVER QUESTIONED YOUR LIFE PURPOSE AND YOUR DESTINY? Welcome to THINQ - Gerry Visca's 5th book in his 11 book repertoire designed to help you ASK and more importantly LIVE the BIGGER questions underlining your very existence and being. Do you feel there is a bigger picture of your life that you are stalling on? Do you feel that you are still playing small with a desire to live larger? Do you have an inkling of a more fulfilling purpose? If so, THINQ will help you ignite the seeds of potential that reside deep within you. THINQ will help you become more mindful of your hidden potential. This book distills Gerry Visca’s, one of Canada’s top inspirational speakers; meaningful questions that will help you live a life of purpose. Choices are all around us – these meaningful questions are intended to help you become more aware of the life that you intend to create. Living a life on purpose starts and continues with living the questions.

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