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2 Dear Friends, Welcome to another issue of the magazine I started just for fun, because I was bored with doing a straightforward record company newsletter. For reasons which will become apparent in a couple of weeks I spent much of yesterday (when I was not either with a chiropodist, or attempting to breed Japanese fire bellied newts) going through some of the earlier issues of this magazine. One of the better things about the ageing process, is that as one finds oneself having ‘senior moments’ more and more often, and one’s memory really does disappear into some weird vortex within the space-time continuum; one finds oneself constantly surprised at things that you knew perfectly well but had momentarily forgotten. Like what an enormous body of work this magazine has turned out to be. Of course I knew it intellectually, but I hadn’t really taken it on board that over the past 105 weeks I have edited, and Corinna has proofed over 5,000 pages of this stuff, with an awful lot of it having been written by one or the other of us. The OCD part of my brain would like to work out how many words that is, and I reached a rough figure of 1.9 million, before giving up in disgust. I have never understood mathematics and still - I am afraid - count on my fingers. Perhaps if I had spent more time working at school, and less time listening to peculiar music, and smoking cigarettes behind the bike shed, my life would have turned out differently. But I 3

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