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BioNJ Diagnoscs & Personalized Medicine Innovaon Summit Highlights New Jersey Life Sciences Industry Role in the Evoluon of Personalized Medicine By David Avitabile, President, JFK Communicaons, Inc. Based on a greater understanding of genomics, proteomics and biomarkers, and how these factors impact paent outcomes, personalized medicine is seen by many as the next logical evoluon in healthcare. New Jersey’s leadership role in the global life sciences industry, with its mix of major mulnaonal pharmaceu- cal, biotechnology and diagnoscs companies combined with smaller innovator companies, makes it a ma- jor contributor to the connuing growth of personalized medicine. The excitement this is generang was obvious to everybody when more than 170 members of the BioNJ community gathered on June 6 th at Sano’s US headquarters in Bridgewater for the Second Annual BioNJ Diagnoscs & Personalized Medicine Innovaon Summit. Expanded this year due to the success of last year’s inaugural event, the 2013 BioNJ Diagnoscs & Person- alized Medicine Innovaon Summit brought together leaders from major global biotechnology and phar- maceucal companies, diagnoscs companies, members of the investment community, healthcare IT com- panies and emerging “innovator” companies for a full - day, interacve summit meeng. Part of BioNJ’s ongoing Diagnoscs & Personalized Medicine Iniave, the focus of this annual summit is to help parcipants idenfy opportunies for partnership, funding and growth while updang them on the latest trends, developments and challenges in the evoluon and adopon of personalized medicine. “The level of interest and involvement of New Jersey companies in helping to drive the worldwide growth of diagnoscs and personalized medicine shows that innovaon is alive and well in New Jersey’s life scienc- es community,” said Debbie Hart, President of BioNJ. “This message comes through loud and clear at our BioNJ Diagnoscs & Personalized Medicine Innovaon Summit, when you see the caliber of leaders that we have parcipang as keynotes, speakers and panel members, and the people who aend from the life sciences and medical technology industries.” Keynote speakers at the 2013 Summit included leaders from global life sciences companies as well as the investment community:

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