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HISTORY 101 Launched in November o 2012, Optomi was intentionally designed to be unique in the IT stafng space. At the onset, we developed key dierentiators... things that would make us stand out rom the competition. These our dierentiators that have allowed us to experience rapid initital growth. These our are KEY to every conversation, meeting and connection you’ll have with potential clients/ consultants. You’ll learn more about them in Philospohy 201. We trust you’ll experience our extraordinary corporate culture and distinct dierentiators rom day one. Our OPTOMI rings represent: • Our three guiding principles • Our three points of inuence • Our three spheres of performance These are described in detail on the COMPANY BOOK - which you’ve hopeully read. g u i d i n g p r i n c i p l e s s p h e r e s o  p e r  o r m a n c e p o i n t s o  i n  u e n c e CONSULTANT-CENTERED SKILL-SET FOCUSED TECHNOLOGY-DRIVEN GIVING WE ARE...

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