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Genre 2 Andrew Maneen

Andrew Maneen

Published on December 1, 2014

Introduction Beta waves, Alpha waves, Theta waves and Delta waves are the four kinds of waves that the brain uses. All of these waves are measured in hertz., which is equivalent to one cycle per second. Dif- ferent types of music alert dif- ferent kinds of waves, which then causes you to react in a different manner. For exam- ple, if you find yourself off task or completely unfocused on what you are trying to do, play- ing Mozart or Baroque music for a short period of time can help to steady your awareness and increase your focus. Human Behavior Through Music Beta Waves Beta Waves range from fourteen to twenty hertz. Focus- ing on daily activities such as vacuuming, dusting, walking or cooking is when our brains are using Beta waves. Another time Beta waves occur is when you are experiencing strong emo- tions such as anger, depression or fear. Generic household mu- sic and medium paced music generally has a pulse of about 60 beats per minute, which in turn can shift your brain from using Beta waves to transmit- ting Alpha waves. Alpha Waves Alpha Waves range from nine to thirteen hertz. When a person is feeling calm and re- laxed the brain is using Alpha waves. When you see someone sitting on the couch watching television their brain is trans- mitting Alpha waves. Alpha waves also occur when a per- son has a heightened aware- ness and are on their toes. For example, when you are very alert and in search for an object you are using Alpha waves.