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Practice Flipsnack


Published on December 1, 2014

window and waved, but nobody could see me. I could see the whole country. It was really dark; I felt like I was dreaming. It was time for dinner. They served to us chicken nuggets and dessert . I took a deep breath, then started eating . We stayed in Germany’s ai rport for three or four hours because there were some people that lost their personal information on the airplane, so they had to go back to the airplane to look for it. Nobody was allowed to leave or to go anywhere until they found their stuff . On the second airplane to America, they served us food, but I didn’t really like it because it tasted different from my own culture ’s food . I felt like I was going to throw up. We finally got to New York. I was surrounded by tall buildings, and it felt amazing . The people at the airport were really nice to us. We took an airplane from New York to Chicago. When we got to Chicago’s airport , we were lost. We didn’t know which airline to take to get to Fargo, ND. I saw a beautiful young black lady, so I asked her, “Can you please direct us to our gate ’’ S he did, and I thanked her a lot, because without her we wouldn’t have made the flight. Finally, we got to Fargo, cold Fargo. My parents said we were lucky that we didn’t come during the winter time. Or we would have died. We stayed in a hotel for a week , then we found an apartment. In my apartment, I looked through the windows, and saw a lot of people playing soccer, so I got excited. I thought that I wouldn’t find anybody in America that plays soccer, but I did! I went to the park to play with them. I hesitated, and I asked myself, “S hould I ask to play or just keep watching them play ?” I kept watching until one guy came right up to me and asked me , “ Do you want to play soccer? ’’ He asked. “ Yes, of course, ’’ I said.