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Published on August 18, 2014

Hello and welcome to TAG Business Strategies (TBS)! You probably know that smart phones like the Apple iPhone, and Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all around you and have become a way of life.It seems everywhere you look someone is gazing down at the screen of a smart phone, browsing the Internet or posting to Facebook or Twitter. As a result of the smart phone and social media expansion, there has been a change in the framework of the Internet and consumer habits. This trend represents the most significant change in communication that the world has ever known and presents an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to attract local customers. We welcome the opportunity to help you take full advantage of these communication shifts, and use them to generate years or even decades of virtually cost free customers and referrals. This is the most exciting time in history for local businesses to gain explosive growth and new customers using new technology. TBS is honored to have this opportunity to help you get all possible new clients from every internet outlet such as Local Search, Maps, Mobile and Social Media. We have spent the past 13 years helping businesses take advantage of great emerging trends. TBS was proud to be named one of the first ”platinum” advertising agencies by Google, placing us in the same category as large Fortune 500 companies. TBS is also rated A by the United States Better Business Bureau, and is a proud member of the Central Florida and United States Chamber of Commerce. Although our passion is working with small business, TBS’s proven track record has brought Fortune 500 companies like Pulte Homes and Radisson Driftwood to us for large scale marketing campaigns. The current trends of social media, mobile internet and local search & maps represent the most significant change in communication that the world has ever known. Page 1 Marketing Proposal

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