W&O Heating Edition E-Newsletter 2014

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In the Northeast 5.5 million households use heating oil as their primary heating source, totalling over 3.5 billion gallons annually. If all those households switched to 5% bioheating oil (B5), over 177 million gallons of petroleum heating oil would be replaced with renewable, domestically produced, environmentally sae biodiesel. Why does that matter? Because in addition to reducing our need to import oreign oil, and producing more American jobs, switching to B5 heating oil would have a tremendous environmental impact. The sum of the greenhouse gas emissions would equal the annual greenhouse gas emissions of: 315,547 Passenger vehicles 3,568,687,542 miles per year driven by an average passenger vehicle 537,222 tons o waste sent to the landfll What i you could help make the world a better place? Making A Dierence A Full Service Provider is an investment in your home heating system − saving you time and money with annual maintenance and tune-ups. You get peace o mind knowing your heating company will be there on the cold winter nights and will not leave you stranded with a broken urnace or without uel. Your home comort is our business. When you compare, there really is no comparison. Call today to learn more. Service Full Service Discounter 24 Hour Emergency Service   HVAC Sales, Service and Installation   Annual Service Tune-ups   Service Plans   Premier BioHeating Oil Fuel   Automatic Delivery   Budget Plans   Full-time Delivery Trucks   Competitive Pricing   Discounters may oer an attractive price, but they lack the 24/7 benefts o a Full Service Provider. As they say – “you get what you pay or”. Auto Delivery and Budget Plans eliminate empty tanks and seasonal payment spikes Are you hearing a lot o “low price” uel oers?   Sources: Congressional Research Service, The Northeast Heating Oil Supply, Demand, and Factors Afecting Its Use, April, 28, 2014 and www.epa.gov energy- resources calculator. You can! When we all make simple, individual changes and choices, our world can collectively become a better place. OR OR Weather Kid Wednesday We are glad to partner with Fox 43 or their Weather Kid Wednesday Program . Parents can sign up their 5th-12th grade children to perorm a weather orecast live on the local Fox 43 News at 4pm appearing alongside MaryEllen! Register at: http://ox43.com/WeatherKids-Entry. Tune in every Wednesday at 4:45pm to see the winners live on the weather. Good luck to all!

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