An Unexpected Nightfall[2] copy

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Eloisa couldn’t say anything, she didn’t know how to reply. She backed away. She was so scared. Then out of no where, she had one of her, episodes. She started having flashbacks she had them a lot. She have a medicine for it. She was so scared. She flashed back to when her and her family were driving through Toronto. Seeing all th people walking then all of a sudden a car came crashing into them sending them into an uncontrollable spiral.. The doctors told her that its a miracle shes alive. She then all of a sudden came back to what was happening. She couldn’t see. Her eyes were covered, same with her mouth. She quickly came to the realization that while she was having her episode she had been kidnapped. The man was standing over her was carrying a torture tool, very sharp looking. He began to slice her. Not very deep at first, Slowly, making sure she felt the pain. He wanted to make sure she felt the pain He gave her. “Does it feel good to hurt me?” Asked Ellie. “A little honestly.” Stated Alano. She struggled a little bit, but he held her down “ya know, your grandma had a very valuable ring, so, i thought, well since she’s dead now, that maybe i could take it and, i don’t know, make a profit out of her belongings.” Eloisa struggled again, and spat in his face. “Aww, dont be like that, it’ll go to a museum probably, then everyone will know of your grandma.” “What is it you want from me then?” He Shrugged. “Oh nothing, just since you tried to stop me from getting what now belongs to me, i thought i could have a little, fun, with you.” He leaned in and licked her face. “Just remember not to try to kill I, Alano, the next time i try to retrieve something. Oh wait, there won’t be a next time, because everyone will wonder where you went, but you’ll never be found.” She struggled to get out, she couldn’t, no matter how hard she tried, she decided to let it go, let everything she knew go and face the inevitable death, she was abused, invaded, and just about every single thing that could bring torture to someone was brought to her, then, just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, Antonio brought a large knife, slowly walked up to her, and pressed it against her neck. “I had so much fun with you tonight, i wish we could do this more, but we can’t take the risk. Well then, goodbye Eloisa. maybe this will be a lesson to you in the afterlife, if you believe in that sort of thing.”

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