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• Yr le, yr spce, yr he • Experence he perec sn  ly nd scl spces wh he hghes qly desgn nd lxry ncrng • 6 exble rs vlble  se s hwever y cn gne; bedrs, ges ses,  gy, cne r, gng r, r sd, sc r – ke yr he s nqe s y re • Snnng enrnce hll lkng p  he rs r gllery lndng nd dble k veneer drs hrgh he grnd r • Lxrs Gern ncred Häcker kchen nd ly r ed wh Seens pplnces • Glrs ser se wh dressng r nd en se cles • Grnd 10 drvewy ledng  he grge wh 2 prkng spces • Bel lndscped grden esrng  pprxely 53 deep FAULKNERS PLACE F P the Pendley tHE uLtimatE famiLY HomE

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