Longdean School Prospectus 2015

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Uniform   Requirements   School   uniform   is   compulsory   for   the   first   five   years.   Items   available   from   School   Shop,   M&S   Your   School   uniform   or   other   retailers,   as   detailed:     Jumper     Black   plain   V ‐ necked   KS3   School   tie    Royal   blue/silver   stripes   (available   only   from   School   Shop)   KS4   School   tie    Navy   blue   with   Longdean   logo   (available   only   from   School   Shop)    Blazer      Black   single   breasted   polyester   with   badge   (available   only   from   M&S   Your    School   uniform)   Blouses   and   shirts   White   high   buttoned   to   neck  ‐  long/short   sleeve   Trousers    (boys)   Black   gabardine   (not   cord   or   denim)       (girls)   Black   classic   (not   cord   or   denim,   leggings   or   hipsters   are   not   allowed   –       trousers   must   be   suitable   for   tucking ‐ in   blouse)   Skirts     Plain   black   tailored   –   knee   length   or   below/invert   pleat   –   pencil   (not   cord   or   denim)   Tights     Black   or   natural   Socks     White/grey/black   Shoes   Polishable   plain   black   sensible   footwear   (no   high   heels,   backless   shoes,   boots,   sandals,   trainers   or   plimsolls)   Kameez,   head   scarf   Plain   black     Girls/Boys   PE/Games   Kit      Royal   blue   and   white   striped   soccer   shirt   (available   only   from   School   Shop)   Sky   blue   polo   shirt   with   Longdean   logo   (available   only   from   M&S   Your   School   uniform)   Royal   blue   shorts   (available   only   from   M&S   Your   School   uniform)   Royal   blue   socks   with   3   white   bars   (available   only   from   School   Shop)     Optional   Extras     Longdean   School   navy   unisex   crew   neck   cotton   rich   sweatshirt   (available   only   from   M&S   Your   School   uniform)   Longdean   School   navy   unisex   reversible   fleece   jacket   (available   only   from   M&S   Your   School   uniform)   Lined   sports   trackpants   (available   only   from   M&S   Your   School   uniform)   It   is   also   recommended   that   students   have   football/hockey   boots   and   a   mouth ‐ guard   for   hockey/rugby     Sixth   Form   Dress   Code   This   is   a   business ‐ like   dress   code.    These   items   can   be   bought   reasonably   priced   from   many   outlets   in   Hemel   Hempstead.     School   Lunches   The   kitchen   operates   on   a   “cashless”   catering   system   and   students   can   choose   between   a   variety   of   salads,   snacks,   hot   dishes,   yoghurts   and   drinks.   All   bread   and   cakes   are   freshly   baked   and   special   diets,   such   as   diabetic,   can   be   catered   for.   The   standard   lunch   is   a   hot   meal   of   the   day   and   a   dessert,   at   a   cost   of   £2.50.   All   children   in   Years   7  ‐  11   must   stay   on   site   at   lunch   times.