Elixir Excerpt 1


Published on November 28, 2014

EXT DEE'S HOUSE NIGHT The imposing and eerie structure is lit up in the moonlight, the storm having now abated. KELLEY and YEPPE are watching it from the other side of the meadow. Nothing moves. They scurry across the meadow, and arrive at the walls of the house. Again they stop and listen. There is not a sound. Without a word, YEPPE climbs onto KELLEY's shoulders. He, in his turn, climbs up onto the ground floor window sill. There is a sense that they have done this many times before. YEPPE stretches towards a tiny window on the second floor. YEPPE I can't do it! I can't reach. KELLEY squints up at him. Stretch! KELLEY With a desperate heave, YEPPE pulls himself onto the windowsill and disappears. KELLEY looks around, jumps down, then crouches and listens attentively to what's going on in the house. Nearby a frog croaks. KELLEY nearly jumps out of his skin. One of the windows on the ground floor opens and YEPPE sticks his head out. YEPPE (agitated whisper) Here! KELLEY Did you see the book? YEPPE You'd better look yourself! KELLEY makes his way to the window and with a heave climbs in. 13 INT. DEE'S LIBRARY NIGHT 13 KELLEY listens and looks around him. In the pale moonlight he sees the thousands upon thousands of books which line the walls of this huge room. For a moment he remains motionless with YEPPE beside him. Then he moves quickly over to the fireplace where the last dying embers of a fire are still smouldering. He seizes a piece of parchment from a table and thrusts it into the ashes, setting it alight. He moves to the shelves of the library and begins desperately to scan the titles of the books. Most of them are in Latin.