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Our Story How we met.... We met during our freshman year of college at the University of Illinois. We were introduced by a mutual friend and started dating soon after. We grew closer as time went on and soon realized we were meant to be together forever ! We were engaged during our senior year. After graduation, we moved to North Carolina, where Jeff started graduate school and Melissa began a career teaching 4th grade. We were nervous to move away from all of our friends and family—we truly felt alone in our new state. But that experience turned out to be wonderful for our marriage. We learned how to communicate and rely on each other. Our love for one another deepened. Even as we made friends and connected to our new community, we always felt a strong bond with one another. This connection was an important source of support for Jeff as he completed the challenging process of earning a Ph.D. It was also important for Melissa, rst as she was teaching, then later when she decided to go back to school full-time to pursue a master’s degree. The next chapter of our story began when Jeff accepted a position as a college professor in Colorado. By that time we decided we would like to start a family. We moved to Colorado and soon realized that we truly enjoy this state. But unfortunately we have not yet been able to add a new member to our family. That experience has led us down the exciting road of adoption. We are grateful for the opportunity to grow our family in this way. We believe the strength of our marriage will allow us to provide a loving home for a child. Things We Enjoy The Outdoors Sports Traveling Skiing, Hiking, Running Our wedding day!

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