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written by Allyson Taylor November 26, 2014 breathing and kicking it is no longer a fight, it is the only thing that comes close to flying you are as free as a bird swimming in a vast sea of everlasting colour. The vest enclosed around me as I fall back into the arms of the awaiting ocean, what once seemed to weigh a 100 pounds has become weightless, instantly. For an eternity I lay still, wind buffered waves bob my limp body up and down. I press the nozzle, syphoning the air out of my vest. At first, I fight. Vehemently kicking, no furiously, keeping myself afloat. Finally, reluctantly I allow the weights to pull me under, for seconds I hold my breath, terrified to inhale. Slowly I give in letting the air seep through my lip filling my lungs. What once I believed to be impossible has become possible, I can breath, it seems crazy, absolutely ludicrous but I am breathing under water. “See you in another world” my instructors words ring in my ears as my head goes under, all sound is gone except for the raspy buzz of my regulator, and the cascade of bubbles erupting from my mask. I have stepped through the looking glass into wonderland. The world is tinted blue, flamboyantly coloured fish peek out of equally colourful coral. Small clown fish coward to the safety of their purple anemone, cynical of anything beyond the walls of their compound. Sea turtles with green marble shells calmly meanders through the water or peacefully sleep on flat rocks, even a small black tipped reef shark swims aimlessly, inches above the rocky bottom. The water tingling with life yet it peaceful, moving slow not in any rush, just enjoying the sun as it light seeps into the water. Wispy cloud envelope misty blue volcano’s, as rain shades the two together, blurring the boundary between earth and sky. Before darkness devours the landscape, the sun soaks up the clouds, bathing them in a blood orange as Mauve dances behind, a stroke of white dividing the two. Vibrant beauty and tranquility slips through my mind as the sun falls behind the mountains ending it rain, the sky is conquered by millions of stars, thousands of consolations and full moon sparkling across the calm waters. Those seeking flashing lights and raging parties look no farther than the effusive island of Bali however if you are looking for a peaceful reflective retreat, travel further east to Gili Air.  2 Photo by Brian Lamb “See you in another world” as I step though the looking glass into wonderland Shaggy sandalwood ponies come racing up the dirt road downing out all other sound

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