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Career Project

Amanda Martinez

Published on December 2, 2014

Part I: Introduction The career path I am interested in is Fashion Design. I would like to be a fashion designer and own my own business like a Michael Kors, Prada, Coach, or Chanel. I am fascinated in fashion because it has always caught my attention even since I was just a little girl. In the career I happen to be looking for I am truly looking for a job where I can enjoy what I do. I do not want to be fifty years old and look back on my life and regret choosing the “safe” career choice. I am truly passionate about fashion, and clothing so I am certain that I will delight in this career path. I believe this career fits my personality because I am a very creative person. I like to think “outside the box” and enjoy doing projects like scrapbooking, designing, or drawing all sorts of things. While I have a different outlook on certain things, I am also very organized, and well put together, but most importantly I like to be in charge. I believe this will prove to be useful with my other goal of owning my own business. You also have to be able to work well with others, and I am sure of this skill set as well. All together you have to have a lot of traits in order to be successful in owning a business, and I believe I have the right skills for the job I have chosen. I believe my main weakness would be public speaking. If I am planning on owning my own business and being a fashion designer that is very well known I know I am going to have to speak in front of many different people, and crowds. I tend to avoid these situations at all costs, which I realize I need to start trying to face these situations instead of ducking them and figure out a way to be comfortable in front of audiences. On the other side of the coin I believe my biggest strengths to be my creativity and independence. I think these are strong traits that will prove to help me along my journey as a fashion designer and business owner. In ten or fifteen years I see myself owning a fashion label, and being a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. I plan to do everything in my power to achieve these huge goals.