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2 Letter from the Editors Whether you are buying or selling a home, there could be obstacles. Consider this issue to be your ocial guide to help you along the process. Are you worried that you open house has not attracted enough potential buyers? The biggest reason or this is because the seller may have overpriced the value o the house. We oer tips or checking i your value was overpriced and the possible repercussions. When updating your home, it is important to consider modernizing your kitchen window treatments. We got you covered with 7 must-see tips that will make your kitchen more aesthetically pleasing and make you look like a pro. There are many advantages and disadvantages to buying a home with a swimming pool. In many cases, a swimming pool can help increase the property value or a home. On the other hand, it can be costly. We weigh the pros and the cons o the issue to help you decide. Selling a home can be very competitive. That is why sellers need as much help as possible to stand out and make your home more attractive by staging. We oer 6 low cost tips to stage your home successully or selling. Have you ever considered joining a homeowner association? Do you know what these organizations are all about? To help you understand, we provide insights to the rules, regulations and guidelines or homeowner associations. A home theater is the perect amily room in a house. Some amilies avoid making a home theater because o the cost. We discuss how easy and cost eective it is to build a home theatre on a budget. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we did. Please send us requests or specifc topics you would like to see in the uture! Feel ree to contact us i you have questions or would like your riends and amily added to our distribution list.

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