Francesco Russo BrioWeb

Francesco Russo BrioWeb


My name is Francesco Russo. I was born in Venice (Italy), since I was a child I have always been a curious person. Interested in discovering the world around me.

While I was attending the University of Architecture of Venice, I created my first web site, only five years after the spread of the internet in the year 2000. After the graduation in architecture I attended the Faculty of Computer Sciences.

My training course was rich, especially of meetings. My training is typical of an architect. From art to design, through mathematics and programming. Today I offer to my prospects a plurality of passions, which others call skills. Passions that allow me to create creative business, to help my prospect and customers to revamp its image, to achieve its objectives.

I'm a Web Architect, Web Designer and Web Developer, but I think the more correct word maybe marketer.